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We are KiN, We are family!!

About Us

Living Organic Lifestyle

“Family is our greatest inspiration”

Four-year-old Jaokha, our firstborn niece and the youngest member of our family, has suffered from atopic dermatitis (a type of eczema). Her super sensitive skin is always itchy. Scratching is hard to resist. Constant scratching frequently leads to rash and skin lesions. We have been treating her with conventional medicine, using both oral and topical medications. But the symptom keeps coming back. Our doctor says that the best treatment for this condition is to keep the body and mind healthy.

This was the wake-up call that made everyone in our family take up the natural way of taking care of our body. We had started with eating organic food and using organic products and found out how hard it was to find the real organic products in the market.

After having studied extensively about organic products, we decided to make all natural, chemical-free, non-irritating soap and shampoo that help reduce itchiness, decrease inflammation and boost skin moisture. In order to have a safe, chemical-free, and environmentally friendly product, the whole production process has to be strictly controlled. And we do! This benefits not only Jaokha, but everyone in the family.

Thoughtfully Selected

We have been inspired by Japanese skincare secrets that use natural ingredients to maintain a flawless and healthy skin. The hot yuzu (Japanese orange) bath is said to soothe dry flaky skin, increase skin moisture and relax the mind. Rice water bath is another secret for soft, smooth, and healthy skin due to its abundance of antioxidants.

We have therefore selected only mature yuzu oranges grown in high altitude areas of Japan and a good strain of Japanese rice grown and harvested in organic farming to obtain high quality yuzu oil and rice extract.

For Baby & the Family

We have been working with a skincare expert and an organic soap producer to develop all natural products that are suited to Jaokha and the whole family. We use only pure natural extracts that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants to reduce itching caused by dry skin and increase skin moisture. We make sure that there aren’t any irritating or harmful substances. We have tested and adjusted until we have got the right and unique formulas that are to Jaokha and everyone’s satisfaction: KiN organic body & hair wash for baby and the family. We have considered not only using the best ingredients, but also the sensation during and after use.

“We would like to share this good feeling with every family.”

We are Kin, We are Family!!