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Living organic Lifestyle

KiN Organics

KiN Organics

Organic body & hair wash for baby and the family

We use 100% natural extracts and our main ingredients are certified to USDA and ECOCERT organic standards. Our products are free of chemicals and irritating substances and rich in vitamins and antioxidants. They help relieve itching and add moisture to dry skin. They are perfect for a newborn, a person with sensitive skin, and everybody in the family.


Nourish & Relax

Japanese rice

Organic Japanese rice soap for head and body: a gentle cleansing formula to revitalize your skin and a give relaxed sensation to your little one and everyone in the family.


Balance & Refresh

Yuzu Orange

Organic yuzu orange soap for head and body: a gentle cleansing formula to keep your skin balanced and restore the natural moisture of your skin.